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The team at Yip Associates regularly assists counsel for corporations, boards of directors, audit committees, bankruptcy trustees, liquidating trustees, court-appointed receivers, and state and federal governmental agencies by investigating the circumstances surrounding various types of allegations of financial misconduct. Examples of the investigative services provided include:

  • Examination and analysis of relevant business records
  • Reconstruction of books and records
  • Tracing of the sources and uses of funds
  • Interviews of potential witnesses
  • Gathering and evaluation of evidence relating to the alleged activity
  • Quantifying the impact on the business
  • Determining the time frame of the improper activity
  • Identifying those involved in the improper activity
  • Determining the impact on financial reporting and dissemination of information to third parties

Our team members’ language skills (fluency in Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese and Mandarin) have allowed us to successfully perform investigations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

We approach all investigations with the underlying assumption that our findings may be used in a court of law and prepare our reports, analyses, and documentation accordingly. Our team possesses diverse language skills, advanced technological skills, and the experience required to take on a wide array of complex financial investigations. From interviewing personnel and analyzing financial data of a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company operating in Mexico City, to tracing stolen assets out of Brazil through the Caribbean, Yip Associates is able to find effective solutions for the most intricate financial investigations.

Types of Investigations 
Asset misappropriation and embezzlementSecurities fraud (Ponzi schemes, receiverships)
Bribery and kickback allegationsSEC Receiverships
Employee theft and occupational fraudWhistle-blower allegations
Financial statement manipulationWhite-collar crime
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Investigations