The Following Documents Must be Delivered Fifteen (15) days Prior to the §341 Meeting of Creditors

Attorneys must submit all documents via BLUE STYLUS DOCUMENT DELIVERY SYSTEMS. Do not mail or fax any documents unless you have contacted and received permission from the Trustee’s assistant. Instructions on how to upload documents to the Trustee are available here.

Pro Se Debtors, please mail documents to:

Maria M. Yip, Trustee
2 S. Biscayne Blvd., Suite 2690
Miami, FL 33131

Please include a copy of the list reflecting a notation as to which items you are providing with your documentation.

1. Copies of the past three (3) year’s personal tax returns.

Please note:  Under 11 U.S.C. §521, the debtor shall provide the Trustee no later than 7 days before the date of the first set Meeting of Creditors, copies of Federal Income Tax Returns for the most recent tax year ending immediately before the commencement of the case.  Failure to comply with the above shall result in the debtor’s case being dismissed.

2. Any other deposits, refunds, rebates, rents, accounts receivable, settlements, insurance proceeds or the like received by debtor after the date of the bankruptcy petition or in their possession at the time the bankruptcy petition was filed.

3. Copies of all checking, savings, and investment account statements for the one (1) year prior to petition date, including the day of petition filed on any account for which debtor(s) had check signing authority.

4. Copies of canceled checks for the past six (6) months for all checking account(s).

5. If money was borrowed from relatives or payments were made to relatives during the one year prior to petition filing date, send a written statement detailing each payment with the recipients’ name, complete mailing address and phone number.

6. Copies of pay stubs for six (6) months prior to and including the petition filing date. If the wages have been garnished please send a written statement providing the details of the garnishment (i.e. amount of garnishment, date of deduction, name and mailing address of the company or person).

7. Copies of all existing retirement type (including annuities, IRAs, Keogh plans, profit sharing plans) account statements reflecting the balance on the date of filing.

8. A copy of the payoff on all mortgages, including equity lines, time shares, vacant land and rental properties, etc.

9. A copy of the proof of value for each property (i.e. appraisal, comparables which also reflects homestead option, etc.).

10. A Copy of closing statement (HUD-1 or equivalent for real estate) for any real or personal property(ies) (valued at $14,000.00 or more) bought, sold, transferred, refinanced or modified in the past two (2) years prior to filing.

11. Copies of conveyance and mortgage documents containing legal description for real property, including inheritance and/or succession (need judgment of possession and sworn detailed descriptive list).

12. A copy of the most recent payment invoice with current loan balance of any liened motor vehicle(s) (cars, motorcycles, watercraft, trucks, trailers, etc).

13. A copy of the proof of value (i.e. appraisal to resell and include mileage) of any owned motor vehicle(s) (cars, motorcycles, watercraft, trucks, trailers, etc).

14. A copy of the proof of insurance for all motor vehicle(s) (cars, motorcycles, watercraft, trucks, trailers, etc).

15. Copy of title(s) and/or registration papers for all motor vehicle(s) (cars, motorcycles, watercraft, trucks, trailers, etc).

16. Copy of any bonds, stocks, notes or loans receivable and/or judgments.

17. Copies of the litigation where the debtor(s) is/are a plaintiff or are alleging a claim against another party (i.e. class actions, counterclaims, cross claims, etc.), including, divorce settlements, judgments or other documents pertaining to the divorce. These documents must reflect the name, address and phone number of the attorney(s) handling the case.

18. If the debtor or joint debtor has been divorced during the past four (4) years, provide a complete copy of the Marital Settlement Agreement.

19. Review, complete and sign a Domestic Support Obligation (DSO) Worksheet (Click here). Please note that this form must be completed and signed regardless of whether the debtor has a DSO obligation.

20. If the debtor(s) owns or owned an interest in a business organization, tax returns for such business organization for the most recent three (3) tax years.

21. Please include any documents that you believe would be appropriate to produce concerning the debtor(s) assets, liabilities, and financial affairs described in the Bankruptcy Petition and Schedules based upon the unique facts and circumstances of the case.

Pursuant to 11 USC §727(a)(3), failure to produce the above listed documents could jeopardize your discharge.

If I decide that you have assets worthy of administration and you wish to purchase these assets, then you must agree to the purchase price and the method of payment at the creditor meeting, or within the time specified or be prepared to surrender the property. All agreements are made subject to receiving the approval of the bankruptcy court. I will file a motion to sell the property to you upon receipt of the funds. There may be objections to the sale and/or higher bids offered, at which point you will be given an opportunity to compete in the bidding. If you choose not to purchase some or all of the assets, these assets must be turned over to my agent as I further instruct.

If you acquire or become entitled to acquire, within 180 days after bankruptcy petition date, any interest in property by bequest, devise or inheritance; or as a result of a property settlement agreement with a spouse or interlocutory or final divorce decree; or as beneficiary of a life insurance policy or a death benefit plan, I must be notified in writing since this is a property of the bankruptcy estate. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS TRUE EVEN IF A TRUSTEE’S REPORT OF NO DISBTRIBUTION OR A TRUSTEE’S FINAL REPORT HAS BEEN FILED IN THIS CASE.