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We work closely with counsel on the complex financial aspects associated with divorce proceedings. We have experience in many matrimonial litigation and valuation matters, including high profile divorce cases.

Our team’s forensic accounting experience results in a very efficient approach to the accounting and tax aspects of marital dissolutions. Our analyses often result in the identification of undisclosed assets.

Our matrimonial services include:

  • Prepare case specific document requests in connection with notices for discovery and inspection.
  • Assist in the preparation of financial interrogatories to the opposing party; assist in the preparation of responses to interrogatories submitted by the opposition.
  • Review all documents for omissions, inconsistencies and the need for additional document requests
  • Conduct client interviews and review underlying documents for the purpose of preparing the net worth statements and financial affidavits in accordance with jurisdictional requirements
  • Identify and quantify the income and cash flow available to pay child and spousal support
  • Reconstruct income and cash flow used by the parties to pay for the lifestyle costs
  • Identify and quantify the costs associated with maintaining the pre-separation standard of living (lifestyle analysis)
  • Asset tracing
  • Assist in deposition of opposing experts and fact witnesses
  • Evaluate the tax consequences of equitable distribution and support
  • Assistance with the calculation of child support and spousal maintenance requirements
  • Assistance with negotiations pertaining to financial matters and structuring of settlement proposals
  • Expert reports and testimony